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Limping into Carnarvon

We are driving north away from the Shark Bay region and back on the highway, probably a couple of hours into our travels when the Landcruiser feels like it’s not riding as smoothly as normal.  We pull into the next roadhouse to check tyres when we hear a bit of a rattle under the bonnet and it feels more like the motor is missing a beat, tyres are fine. All the gauges are looking good so in the middle of nowhere we decide to press on, slowly, and limp into Carnarvon as there is a Toyota dealer there.

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Shark Bay Region Finale – As West As It Gets

This was one of the must do things on our list when coming to WA and that was of course to go to THE most westerly point on the mainland, Steep Point.

We didn’t know much about it other than where it was before heading over here and then the more we found out about it and how to get there the more daunting it sounded.  We had conflicting information anything from ‘yeah you can do it in a couple of hours’ to ‘you will need all day’.

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