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AFL Football Finals Are Here

MCGWhether you are a follower of Australian Rules Football (AFL) or not there’s no escaping the hype as the AFL finals season comes around. For some teams and supporters the season is done and dusted, roll on cricket season, but for others the hope of taking out the ultimate prize and winning the grand final is still a possibility or a slim chance.

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Melbourne City, Victoria

It’s Melbourne Cup day today and as the saying goes ‘it’s the race that stops a nation’, and it truly does. Funny as it is, there is probably no worse a time for an amateur punter to think you can back a winning horse in this race, yet every year I throw my hard earned $10 (big spender) away on a horse that I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t know what form looked like if I fell over it anyway! But it’s the fun of thinking what if I actually pick a winner.  I always back something paying big odds too because if you’re going to win it might as well be worth it, forget just winning similar money back to what I outlay, it’s go big or go home in my book.

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Melbourne Street Art Everywhere You Look

The laneways of Melbourne are well known for the street art, a couple of the best are ACDC Lane and Hosier Lane. As the name suggests, ACDC Lane has a lot of art that pays homage to the great Aussie rock band of the same name and in particular to Bon Scott and Malcom Young. Credit goes to artists Lushsux & Mike Makatron, Steen Jones and Putos  (amongst others) for their work in these laneways.

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