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Byron Bay


Surfing Hotspots in Australia

surferPick any day of any season and you will find people out in the surf somewhere along the coastline of Australia. The continent is known as having some of the best waves in the world and therefore some of the best surfers in the world. If you’re looking for some of the top surf regions there are plenty of recognized ones to choose from including 80 in New South Wales, 25 in Queensland, 30 in South Australia, 9 in Tasmania, 30 in Victoria and 33 in Western Australia.

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Jan Juc Victoria


Take off to Torquay

Torquay VictoriaAnyone who knows their surf destinations has heard about Torquay, the birthplace of surf culture in Australia. Even if you’re not a surfer you would probably have heard of a few names synonymous with this laid back beach town such as Bells Beach, Ripcurl and Quicksilver.  Bells Beach is known worldwide for hosting one of the pro surf competitions on the circuit and the surfwear labels of Ripcurl and Quicksilver both started in Torquay back in 1969.  Today all things surf related still weave a thread through every inch of this town.

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