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Australian Silo Art Trail – Wimmera Region


IMG_0462Take at look at the CamperMate website to see my latest story on some impressive silo art in Australia. These giant towers have become art canvases and their popularity is spreading all around the country. This has been happening for a few years now and it’s becoming easier to include a visit to see many of them as you travel around the country.  These brilliant pieces are not only on grain silos though, you can also find painted water towers and other structures in rural areas and having them is doing a great service in bringing incredible art to the masses and travellers to rural areas that otherwise might have been bypassed. View the pictures →

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Kaniva Raises the Baa with Community Art

IMG_0214Kaniva is around the halfway point when you’re driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and it’s a town we always make a point of stopping in. Not only have we always had friendly service and great coffees, they also have really easy parking, clean public conveniences, and there is a unique painted sheep trail to follow. Continue reading


Arty Horsham in Victoria

Horsham regional art galleryIt always pays to visit local and regional art galleries in my opinion because you never know what treasures you will discover. On a recent trip to Melbourne we stopped in the town of Horsham and decided to see the current exhibition at Horsham Regional Art Gallery.

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