Arty Horsham in Victoria

Horsham regional art galleryIt always pays to visit local and regional art galleries in my opinion because you never know what treasures you will discover. On a recent trip to Melbourne we stopped in the town of Horsham and decided to see the current exhibition at Horsham Regional Art Gallery.

Particularly striking was a display in the art gallery and adjoining Town Hall building, of paintings, photography and 3D works by local indigenous artists that formed part of NAIDOC week celebrations in the region. It was a collaboration between Goolum Goolum, Horsham’s Aboriginal co-operative and local Indigenous artists to show stories of culture and connection to country.

The gallery art below were by artists: Vernon Sultan, Alan Murphy and Imigo Dawn.

In the town hall more interesting pieces were on display including indigenous design guernseys for the local football teams as well as pieces by Tanisha Lovett, Alan Murphy, and community art projects.

The Rainbow Serpent by Tanisha Lovett was particularly poignant as it represents how brightly she saw the world after having cataracts removed and being able to appreciate the colours of the rainbow.

Rainbow serpent

In the Gallery other pieces of work that particularly caught my eye were by Tim Storrier, ‘Approach II’, clouds over a vast landscape. Guy Maestri ‘After Oat Harvest 1926’, depicting the farming plains of western Victoria, Kate Beynon ‘Auspicious Flower Charm Tattoo’ a very contemporary looking painting with traditional Chinese flowers and elements, and Janina Green ‘Mackenzie Falls’ a hand coloured silver gelatin print. I think these pieces struck a chord with me because of their photographic or street art elements but as with any art, appreciation is in the eye of the beholder I think, so it’s best to visit and find your favourites.

The art of Horsham isn’t just confined to the gallery though, if you take a stroll through town you can also find some terrific street art including the piece called ‘Aerial’ by Donal Molloy Drum. The metal 3D sculpture of ravens flying over aerial views of the Wimmera region is found in one of the laneways and a series of bright panels by Nichola Clarke can be found in Bradbury Lane. It was created in conjunction with local young people and depicts their ideas for a future Horsham.

Well done Horsham.


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