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Winter Caravanning & Diesel Heating

We’ve recently made an upgrade to the caravan with the addition of a diesel heater. One thing that has prevented us from doing free camping over winter in the past has been the lack of heating in the van. As much as we love a good campfire, the caravan can be way too cold for comfort when you turn in, so we bought a diesel heater through Aussie Outback Stores, a camping, 4×4 and accessories supplier online.

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Another road trip over

The Rig

The journey has finished but the memories will stay forever. Plenty of new towns discovered and destinations to be revisited!  The best thing about the driving holiday is getting to visit little and not so little gems of towns that you may or may not have heard of before, but feeling you’ve discovered a secret place that people need to know about. Throughout our journey one of the highlights was always the friendly, helpful, upbeat people who when they knew we were travelling through were more than happy to let us in on what their corner of Australia had to offer and what we “must see / must do” if you’ve got the time.  We took their advice and when time permitted, we saw, we did, we loved it, and we’ll be back!  There are a few things on the list to look forward to next time. Continue reading

Nature’s television!


Ahh the campfire. Is there anything better when you’re travelling than to pull up a comfy chair next to a crackling fire? Add to that a glass of red or a smooth port and you’ve settled in to watch nature’s television. It’s such a great way to swap stories with family or friends and for the yarns to run free. Some of the most memorable times we’ve had have been sitting around a fire and letting the conversations wander along with no one keen to leave the mesmerising fire or the good company surrounding it.

It’s also a great way to mull over the day that’s been and consider the plans going ahead, not to mention a great way to relax at the end of a busy day. If you’re lucky some campsites in caravan parks or free camps have fire pits ready to use or else taking a small brazier and heat beads is a good start and you can usually pick up small bags of firewood at petrol stations.

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It’s Winter! Head for the beach.

Winter BeachA caravanning holiday in winter has a lot going for it, especially to beachside (or river) areas! The first plus is that you can often score the caravan site of your choosing and because it is out of peak time they can be cheaper too. We always try to get a beachfront site where you can see and hear the waves and watch storms as they come in. There are many great waterfront caravan parks in SA within an hour or two of Adelaide and they would all welcome visitors in the quieter months. Free camps can also be easier to get.

Travelling off peak and out of the most popular seasons is also great for the local businesses with shopping and dining out less crowded and the locals have more time for a friendly chat to pass on some local knowledge. You can find out the best places to see and things to do according to the locals not necessarily the brochures. Continue reading