When the Rain Sets in

It’s bound to happen at some stage on a holiday, those days where it’s just rainy, miserable and not made for the usual outdoor caravanning lifestyle we want to enjoy.

You expect it of course during winter, but with the La Nina weather system set to hang around for a while, it pays to have a Plan B, C, and D up your sleeve.

I always say it pays to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Make sure to pack in a good wet weather coat, and beanies and scarves to cope with cold, wet and windy weather and some sturdy waterproof boots. That way at least you can still try to enjoy your surroundings despite the weather.

We will look for a scenic drive to take near the area we’re staying and in between showers of rain you might just get some wild and woolly weather photos, even a rainbow if you’re lucky.

As long as you have somewhere warm and dry to return to, you can still go fishing, the fish don’t usually care too much if it’s raining. We will use a couple of different weather reports to try and pick times to venture out. BOM – Bureau of Meteorology and Willy Weather are two good ones for rain and wind predictions and you can select the region you’re in for more accurate information. Another one to take a look at is Windy weather which has terrific graphics.

Using these websites or apps can at least give you a bit of an idea of what to expect and they help if you’re wondering which direction you should set up your van for the best protection against the prevailing wind.

On particularly bad days we will just use those times to visit indoor attractions, go shopping or enjoy a nice winery, pub or café with a good fire or a view.

Then if all else fails and you don’t want to leave the caravan, there is always the opportunity to catch up on reading, or in my case blogging or putting together some stories while we’re on the road.

Make the most of it,


3 thoughts on “When the Rain Sets in

    1. You’re right, getting clothes dry is a pain, it’s the only time when packing too many clothes comes in handy. We bought one of those round hanging contraptions for clothes which is good for small things and we often had that hanging inside the van. With the diesel heater running, the clothes would usually dry overnight. It became known as the chandelier! 🙂

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