Whale watching without a boat!

Whale at Middleton

Did you know that whale watching in South Australia is as easy as driving to the right beach and waiting for the whales to come to you? Sounds impossible but it’s true.  There are a number of viewing points along the Fleurieu Peninsula coast where you can park and watch whales cruise by.  The coastal areas that you are likely to spot whales are off Victor Harbor, Port Elliot and Middleton which are all within an easy hour and a half drive from Adelaide. They also have great caravan parks to stay and while and enjoy the region.

Winter time sees Southern Right whales sheltering and calving in the calm and warm (for them!) waters off South Australia and it’s quite easy to see whales, 500, 200 even 20 metres from shore. The South Australian Whale Centre at Victor Harbor keeps a sighting log which you can view on their website to get accurate information daily on where you can see whales.

Whale fin so close to shore


Bring your warm and waterproof coat, rug up and be prepared to be amazed as these giant yet graceful creatures of the deep cruise along the coastline or if you’re lucky they may just oblige you with some great photo opportunities with flipper slaps, body rolls, tail lifting and blowing. All of my photos were taken on land and with just a basic zoom lens, not even a tripod.


There are some very well known spots to look for whales such as Bashams Beach at the Middleton or Port Elliot ends and the Bluff at Victor Harbor but my secret favourites that can be less crowded are at Ocean Parade Middleton, towards the end of the Encounter Bikeway before Surf Street at Middleton and Knights Beach at Port Elliot. But Shhhh don’t tell anyone else!