Sow & Piglets Brewery, Port Campbell

Sow and Piglets BreweryWhen driving the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria, a stay at the town of Port Campbell is a must to take in all that this region has to offer. Not only is it the closest place to stay for the impressive natural coastal attractions such as the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and more, but just as importantly are the food and beverage options that deserve time to savour.

One such place is Sow and Piglets Brewery. Funny name for a brewery right? It has nothing really to do with farm animals though, the brewery uses the name originally given to the rock formations that make up Mutton Bird Island and outcrops known as the piglets, These are now known as the 12 Apostles, but even this is a misnomer given that there are now only 7 of these remarkable limestone towers standing. The location for the brewery is very convenient and the brews are very flavoursome.

Sow and Piglets Brewery

This venue for this micro-brewery is pretty unique as it is also a hostel where you can stay in dorm accommodation, single rooms and even family rooms. For caravan travellers there is a terrific NRMA caravan park literally across the road, no problems about who gets to enjoy themselves at this brewery, no designated driver required.

Sow and Piglets Brewery Port Campbell

When you visit the brewery you can try a tasting paddle with 5 beers of your choice for $10. There are tasting notes that you can read for the brews, with the range including Pale Ales – Aussie, session and IPA through to German style beers like Kolsch, Marzen and Dunkel. The last two were new ones on me but the Marzen is described as a caramel / bready style beer and the Dunkel a Chocolate / malt lager, perfect descriptions.  Tasting notes also give very interesting suggestions for food pairings, from main meals to cheese varieties that accompany well and even desserts that match each beer best.  The notes also give connoisseurs all the information you could want about the different beers, such as alcohol volume, colour and bitterness. You can sit down to enjoy your tasting paddle and read up on the notes, inside at tables or barrels, or outdoors and you will probably find yourself mixing with both travellers and locals alike at this friendly venue.

They also have a second and larger brewery not far away that was established to keep up with demand. You can visit this site too while you’re tasting your way around the region on the 12 Apostles Gourmet Food Trail.

Sow and piglets breweryDrop in for a taste when you’re visiting Port Campbell, Cheers.


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