It’s Sailing Season

A first for me recently was to watch a sail past to celebrate the opening of the 2019 – 2020 sailing season. More than 50 yacht races are scheduled for the upcoming season at the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club. The club began as the Goolwa Regatta Club around 1854 and included the word ‘Yacht’ in its title in 1969 to cater for the increased interest in sailing in the area.

The marina holds over 100 boats of up to 12 metres in length and races are held every Friday afternoon during summer. Goolwa Regatta Week will be held from 18-26 January 2020 with the main Milang Goolwa Freshwater Classic yacht race being held on Sunday the 26th. It will no doubt be a colourful spectacle for visitors and holiday makers to see especially as it will be the 50th race, the Golden Anniversary of the Classic.

The official opening day and sail past took place with participants assembling south of the marina before sailing one by one past the official flagship where the present Commodore and other club officials saluted the passing vessels. Sailing vessels passed by first followed by power boats and as each went by the saluting procedure involved calling out the name of their vessel and giving three cheers for the Commodore and the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club. The official then responded with three cheers to the passing vessel.

A cheerful and colourful start to what looks to be a bumper sailing season. The Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club is on Barrage Road at Goolwa and Friday races are happening now.

Three cheers!


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