Latest Street Art Finds – Melbourne

For fans of street art, Melbourne is definitely a must see with plenty on offer around every corner. On my last visit to Melbourne it wasn’t too hard to find more examples of vivid street art of all shapes and sizes, from the suburbs to the city centre. Some of my favourite latest finds are here with some of the artists known and others unfortunately not. Still others I know where to find them and others were just snapped quickly in passing and I have no idea where I was!

This piece is by a Melbourne artist who goes by the name of lushsux who has painted a few provocative pieces in the past. Quite a lot of the art and murals in these pictures were found in the Fitzroy area and Brunswick Street, including Meggs Magpie by artist David Hooke, a Melbourne artist whose work frequently features birds and roses. Another few I found near the Fitzroy market area.

One artists whose work I really admire is Mike Makatron including this incredibly colourful mural that covers the side of the Fitzroy Bowling and Sports Club, another in Guildord Lane in the city and this urban leopard.

Another striking piece found is by German street art duo Herakut, of monkeys running with some written text that reads “So she dreamt of running away with monkeys. The most Curious just tended to be the most courageous.”

Wanderings through Chinatown in the city found a few different quirky pieces including these paste ups of ‘The Thinker’ on his mobile phone, and an old Australian postage stamp by The Chosen Few.

In Fitzroy I stumbled across a brilliant photo realistic portrait by the Scottish artist Smug One which was painted entirely by freehand and using spray paint alone. Amazing work. Another wall found by sheer luck was behind the Napier Hotel in Fitzroy, the artwork of rhinos by Juddy Roller, a collection of artists.

There’s even art in advertising, old and new.

Cheers and happy street art hunting.



5 thoughts on “Latest Street Art Finds – Melbourne

  1. As a fan of street art, I very much enjoyed your post and colourful photos! Thanks so much for sharing and for introducing me to the Scottish artist Smug, I’ll definitely need to Google more about him. Aiva

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