Service Dog Memorial

Usually Anzac Day would be marked by attending a Dawn Service to acknowledge and remember the sacrifices made by men and women in our defence forces past and present and to show gratitude for the freedom we take for granted today. As with everything else we are unable to gather this year but with people still wishing to pay their respects, an idea has been raised for everyone to instead stand in their driveways or on balconies tomorrow the 25th of April at dawn.

Radio stations will play the last post and recite the ode that are all part of the usual traditions on this day. People with the ability are also being encouraged to play the last post live if possible so that it can ring out to all neighbourhoods and we can still honour the day.

Other than that I thought I would show a different memorial that people may be unaware of, and can visit one day in the future. On a walking track just past the Goolwa wharf area and overlooking the Murray River, is a memorial dedicated to Australian Army Trackers and service dogs and in particular those who took part in the Vietnam War 1967-1971. The memorial is in the form of a large rock which has a special dedication to the trackers and their dogs and includes a drinking fountain for passing dogs to use, the water which pools in the shape of a dogs paw print.

The inscriptions on the memorial read:

Dedicated to the Trackers and their loyal dogs

who as a team served this country with distinction

In all armed conflicts since WWII


All gave something, some gave all

Those who knew you, will never forget

The memorial was dedicated on the 26th of April 2003 and also includes the names of the dogs who were unable to return from South Vietnam.At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,

We Will Remember Them, Lest We Forget



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