Ippinitchie Campground

While we were checking out the magnificent silo art in Wirrabara it gave us the perfect reason to try some free camping in the area, a town I had never stayed in before. This is just another reason why I think the idea of silo art is so important, it draws people to a town that might otherwise have been bypassed and we are happy to spend time and money while we are there.

So to the fabulous campground we found within the Wirrabara Forest. Taking a dirt road next to the silo for around 6 kilometres we arrived at Ippinitchie Campground and it didn’t take long to realise we had stumbled across something very special. This campground is open from April to November, and closed during fire danger season. The road into the area is easy to take a caravan into and you venture in far enough off the road so noise isn’t an issue. In fact that was one of the first things I noticed was the loud calls of frogs and birds in the forest and all the more so because the creek had a little water running in it. There is a small causeway to cross to get to the camping area and you can see any traffic coming so it’s easy to make room and give way if you have to.

Once in the campground you can choose where you’d like to set up and sites have designated fire pits to use with your own firewood. There are 7 numbered sites but some look big enough to fit a few caravans, campers and tents in. This is a free camp so there is no power or water to use but there is a long drop toilet and it is totally free to stay here. Dogs are allowed on leash too. The setting is very clean, green and serene and there would have been around three other campers and us here at the time.

There are some circuit walking trails you can take from the park but unless you are an experienced and keen bush walker I’d opt to take a drive to a few nearby places of interest. One attraction I wanted to see was the King Tree which is sign posted from the main road in. You can park and then take a short 150 metre walk into a paddock to find it. This giant River Red Gum is around 35.5 metres in height and has a circumference of 9.55 metres. It is believed to be over 400 years old and so of course it deserved a hug!

Also in the forest is a picnic grounds area, around 4 kilometres from the campground, which has the scout hall building of the 1st Wirrabara Forest group. Inside the building are sign boards explaining the history of the forest and recreation and conservation activities undertaken here.

Back at the campground you can take an easy stroll along the creek and enjoy the cool surroundings before lighting a fire for the night. Being in a forest means that light pollution is almost nonexistent so getting some bright starlight photos is always an option.

This is an extremely peaceful camping area that I would highly recommend and at under 3 hours from Adelaide it’s one that you could even escape to for a weekend away.

Happy forest camping


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    1. On WikiCamps it may be called Wirrabara Forest campground 👍 and I use a few sources, the Camps Australia wide book is a favourite because I’m a book person, but I’m writing some guides for an app called CamperMate and hope to put a few more on the map as well as what to do when you get there.

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