Wirrabara Silo Art

I’m ticking off the silo art in South Australia slowly but surely and the town of Wirrabara in the mid north, around 235 kilometres from Adelaide is one of the latest.

This silo art project came about from an SA Government, Fund my neighbourhood grant, in which $80,000 was received to paint the silos, create a viewing area and car park, signage and lighting.

The artist who painted these silos was Melbourne based street artist ‘Smug’ (Sam Bates) and as Wirrabara is a forestry industry town, the painting reflects what the town is known for. It was painted in October 2018 and took 20 days to complete.

The artwork depicts a forestry worker (not a specific person) and a rare bird found in the area, a Red Capped Robin.

The details of the person in particular are quite incredible with every crease and line of his face so realistic. Smug is known for his photo realism work and this is another incredible example of his style.

Make sure to take a detour into the town of Wirrabara to seek this one out, or better still, go caravan or camping in the Wirrabara Forest ~ blog post coming soon on that.

Happy trails


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