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South Australia’s Silo Art Trail


I’m gradually getting around to visiting as many painted silos and water towers around the country as I can, and added to that are the many, many brilliant examples of street art and murals in towns across Australia.

Here are a few of the incredible silos to look for as you travel in South Australia.

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Cowell – An Eyre Peninsula Town to Watch


The town of Cowell on Eyre Peninsula is an interesting one, it has a lot of interesting aspects going for it at the moment but will be one to watch in the next few years, as millions of dollars are being spent in upgrading its foreshore area.

The grants for the project have come from Federal and State Governments as well as the local council and will see the building of a new tourist centre featuring a demonstration of an oyster hatchery, a market shed multi-purpose community space, commercial buildings for a food hall, a marina, water playground and 25 metre free swimming pool for public use.

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Australian Silo Art Trail – Wimmera Region


IMG_0462Take at look at the CamperMate website to see my latest story on some impressive silo art in Australia. These giant towers have become art canvases and their popularity is spreading all around the country. This has been happening for a few years now and it’s becoming easier to include a visit to see many of them as you travel around the country.  These brilliant pieces are not only on grain silos though, you can also find painted water towers and other structures in rural areas and having them is doing a great service in bringing incredible art to the masses and travellers to rural areas that otherwise might have been bypassed. View the pictures →

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Waikerie Silo Art

Silo art is a growing attraction through rural regions of Australia and here’s another one to add to the list, if you are travelling through the Riverland region of South Australia. You’ll find these beauties in the town of Waikerie, which sits on the Murray River around 180 kilometres north east of Adelaide.

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Karoonda Silo Art South Australia

Travelling through the Mallee region of South Australia will lead you to one of the painted grain silos that is part of the Australian Silo Art Trail. This art on a grand scale can be found in the town of Karoonda, a little over 145 kilometres east of Adelaide.
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