A Bute-iful painted silo in South Australia

The latest of the painted silo art in South Australia is in the northern Yorke Peninsula town of Bute. It takes a little under two hours to get there from Adelaide and the silo art is on Martin Road, next to the disused railway line.

The artists responsible for this one are Scott Nagy and Janne Birkner, (Krimsone) and it is one of the softest and prettiest silo artworks I’ve seen so far.  

The mural features a young woman in a floral dress, pushing a bike, with flowers and books in the basket. A blue wren sits on the handlebar and a Rainbow bee-eater flies nearby. In the background scenery there is farmland, local orchids and agricultural elements.

The subject for the mural came about after consultation with the community and the local council who’s priorities were to have a colourful artwork that featured local agriculture, flora and fauna. This silo more than delivers on that brief and the intricate details are mesmerising.

The features of the woman’s face are so perfect and she gazes into the distance with the sun on her face. Tiny details to notice in the mural include the pencil tucked behind her ear, the rings on her fingers, and the brightly coloured native birds on and around her. In the basket of her bike she carries a stack of books, native flowers and proteas, while butterflies and orchids are dotted around the silo.

The softness of the pinks, yellows and blues in her floral dress are echoed in the pastel sky behind her, above the Hummocks, a local landmark in the region.

Make sure to put this latest silo art on your touring itinerary for the mid north of South Australia.

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