Free Camps at Walker Flat SA

Following the Murray River downstream in South Australia gives you lots of opportunities to free camp along its length. For the most part when they say free camps, they are exactly that. Here are a couple to try in Walkers Flat that are completely free, give you on river camping and have other facilities close by.

Walker Flat is a little over 100 kilometres from Adelaide and is a popular water skiing and boating destination on the river. There is a row of expensive ‘shacks’ along this stretch of the river opposite stunning cliffs that absolutely glow in the afternoon light. A ferry crosses the river here at Walker Flat and there is a small shop near the ferry crossing and also a general store nearby with basic grocery needs, bait and tackle, a bottle shop, fuel and more.

There are two very good free camps to try in this area, one is on the road that continues on past the ferry towards the boat ramp and is called Swamp Hen Reserve. There are terrific spaces right on the river where you can park a van and have access to the water for fishing. There is a flushing toilet here and campfires are permitted. At the end of the reserve road we found a spot we liked where you could see the river and had the backwater inlet as well. This reserve was full of bird life that wasn’t disturbed at all by our presence. Whistling Kites, Blue Wrens, Pelicans and of course Swamp Hens were busily going about their lives not bothered by us sharing the space.

The kookaburras in particular were very friendly and visited every dusk and dawn with their raucous calls. A beautiful Aussie bush sound. They are expert predators too with one diving from its eucalyptus tree vantage point and slamming into reeds beside me to then fly up with a mouse in its beak.

The second free camp is further away from the ferry but only a short distance from the Walker Flat General Store. Here you can also find on river sites as well as a toilet and a dump point. There are plenty of trees for shade and a sheltered BBQ. Some sites have picnic tables and benches and campfires are ok too.

The great thing about these free camps is that if one looks a bit too busy for your liking, the other is not too far away to try. Both are very peaceful and well worth spending a few quiet days on the river at.Enjoy


7 thoughts on “Free Camps at Walker Flat SA

  1. Isn’t the Dump point there for houseboats only, it was when we were there or has it been changed? Would be good to have a dump point in Walker Flat for caravans.

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  2. Murray River camping is a spiritual experience that can be so hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t live in our corner of the country. There is nothing like it anywhere else. The heat, the dry, the dust, the shriek of the cockies…heaven.

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