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Waikerie Silo Art


Silo art is a growing attraction through rural regions of Australia and here’s another one to add to the list, if you are travelling through the Riverland region of South Australia. You’ll find these beauties in the town of Waikerie, which sits on the Murray River around 180 kilometres north east of Adelaide.

These two silos were each painted by different artists but both reflect elements found in the local environment with the theme of ‘Healthy River, Healthy Community’. One of the silos was painted by Melbourne based artist Jimmy Dvate whose photo realism work features a Regent Parrot on one side, a vulnerable species found in this area and a yabby (freshwater crayfish) on the other side. His paintings regularly feature native flora and fauna, especially threatened and endangered species which helps to draw the general public’s awareness to the need to protect and save them. The silo also show the Murray River and limestone cliffs, water reeds and typical river scenes.

The other silo was painted by South Australian artist Garry Duncan and features a number of different plants and animals of the region including endangered frogs and native fish of the Murray River, pelicans and the iconic River Red Gums. He has also painted Giant Swift Moths, known as Rain Moths or ‘Weikari’ in the local indigenous language from which the town’s name is derived.

As you walk around the silos there are a number of sign boards which give detailed information on various species of animals, birds and plants that can be found in this part of the Riverland, emphasising where they can be found and the importance of conserving their wetland and freshwater habitats. Oh and there’s one more quirky character to find on this silo, keep your eyes peeled and look for this one waving from a window high up.

The Waikerie silos are another great example of amazing art conveying important messages that are worth stopping to read and learn about. There is a large car parking area off the road next to the silos where there is plenty of room for cars and vans to pull in. Take a walk around the silos to see all the little details on these 30 metre giants.Happy road tripping


Author: Glenys Gelzinis

Freelance travel writer and photographer.

10 thoughts on “Waikerie Silo Art

  1. Australia has some truly spectacular silo art. It never fails to inspire does it. These are beautiful.

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  2. More stunning art work. Isn’t it fun to find another beautiful new one. It’s such a great trend and excellent for attracting visitors to rural towns.

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  3. I find silo art amazing…and these are lovely examples, Glenys.

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  4. Can you imagine painting something on such a huge scale? I love street art and these are fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Glenys and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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