Quorn Caravan Park

The Quorn Caravan Park is a very neat and tidy park to stay in on a trip to the Flinders Ranges and especially if you are in town to see the Quorn Silo Light Show. Quorn is seen as the gateway to the Southern Flinders Ranges and rock wallaby statues greet you as you enter town.

Everything is within easy walking distance of the caravan park and there are hotels, cafes and other general shops in town for whatever you may need. One thing you have to try in your travels through the Flinders Ranges or outback is a Quandong pie. This native peach bush food, has lovely tart taste and is high in anti-oxidants, folate and vitamin E. It’s also a good source of magnesium, zinc and iron, and just plain tasty.

As you drive through Quorn you’ll also see signage that lists all the classic Australian movies that have been filmed in or around Quorn. They inlcude Bitter Springs (1950), Walkabout (1952), Robbery Under Arms (1956), The Sundowners (1960), Sunday Too Far Away (1975), Gallipoli (1980). The Last Frontier (1985) and The Shiralee (1987).The caravan park is very neat with native gardens, cabins and caravan sites, communal campfire areas, a camp kitchen and older looking but immaculately clean amenities. There are signboards around the park to give travellers new to the Flinders Ranges a few important tips. They are good little reminders about carrying water, staying on tracks and taking care of the environment, being prepared before bushwalking, not disturbing ruins or cultural sites and letting someone know where you are going before heading off on bushwalks.

The amenities blocks were labelled in the local indigenous language of the Adnyamathanha people, but I have no idea what it translates to sorry other than the obvious. Some of the buildings have cute critters painted on them too including a rock wallaby and emu, both of which can be found in the Flinders Ranges.

Quorn Caravan Park is a very neat and tidy place to stay at the beginning of a Flinders Ranges trip and it can be found on Silo Road in Quorn, around 335 kilometres north of Adelaide. Due to Covid regulations and fewer people staying in the park we were given double sites so there was plenty of space and you could leave the car and van hitched if you wanted to.

Happy travels


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