Silo Art with a Difference

In Australia we are used to seeing more and more silo art appearing in country areas but in South Australia there are now a couple of towns doing it a little differently. Recently we were in the town of Quorn in the Southern Flinders Ranges and we timed it specifically so we could spend a night in town to watch the silo light show.

The silos are to the right behind the railway building which now houses the information centre and also conveniently, they are in front of the caravan park which makes them an easy spot to walk to at night. Every evening on dusk the show begins and a stunning show of light, sound, animations, art and photos are projected onto the huge silos and the effect is so stunning you forget that the silos are actually there.

I knew the illuminated art show would be something to marvel at because I’ve seen another show put together by the same creators, ‘Illuminart’, at Goolwa during a previous years art festival. The Quorn Silo Light Show didn’t disappoint either, putting together a mix of history, landscape, farming and local community lifestyle and arts for visitors to see. It included information on the drought and floods experienced in the region, the work of the CWA (Country Womens Association) especially during World War II when trains full of troops and evacuees travelled between Adelaide and Darwin. Over 350,000 meals were served by the CWA members to passengers who arrived at all hours of the day and night. There were also iconic images of wildlife and scenery of the Flinders Ranges which just tempt you to explore further.

The colours are so vivid and the local history stories fascinating to hear. The show is completely free but it’s easy to spend money in the town which we did at the supermarket and caravan park. All you need to take is your own chair, a blanket or jacket for the cool of the evening and any snacks and drinks you might want, the show goes for quite a while so you can make an evening of it. If you plan on staying at the caravan park behind the silos it pays to have a torch as well to see your way back over the train tracks in the dark

It’s a brilliant show and the Quorn Caravan Park was a very clean and comfortable place to stay while you’re in town.

The Karoonda silos are the other ones that have both painted artwork and an illuminated light show at night, projection stories specific for that area.

Happy travels



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