The Sights and Sounds of Summer Caravanning

It doesn’t get much better than propping your caravan on a beachfront site during a South Australian summer. No matter what the weather does from day to day you always have a moving picture in front of you.

On just one of many lazy days at the beach (and no I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it) the sights and sounds of summer really struck home to me.

Not a lot has changed over the years when I think of all the long summer holidays. There are always the sounds of happy kids (and sometimes not so happy), dogs barking and having a ball running free and chasing toys or seagulls and the good old ice cream truck belting out a slightly scratchy version of Greensleeves through a loud speaker. How many years has that tradition stuck!

Then there is the thwack of a tennis ball being sent for a six in a game of beach cricket, colourful kites flying, tangling and falling to the sand.

Some new sounds fill the salt laden air too with noisy jet skis carving up the water and disturbing the peace and quiet as they zoom across the water and from a nearby water play park, a countdown can be heard before a chorus of kids scream when a bucket of water dumps down on them.

All of it is so lovely to hear as I lounge on my lazyboy (lazygirl) and watch the diamond sparkly water, in between chapters of a book.

cheers and happy days!


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