Dog Friendly Caravan Holidays – Yorke Peninsula

Taking dogs on holidays is as much fun for them as it is for us I think. Like us, I’m sure they enjoy the social side of interacting with other humans and dogs. Dog friendly caravan parks are very popular and with more people travelling with pets they are catering more to the needs of four legged visitors, including installing dog washing facilities at some parks.

A recent holiday enabled us to catch up with some regular holidaying dogs (and locals) as they enjoyed a beach break – running, swimming, paddle boarding and going fishing as much, and sometimes more, than their humans. Taking dogs on holidays is a great way to socialise them with people and gives you a chance to work on their obedience off leash and on.

Having a dog holidaying with you makes sure you keep active, taking them for daily exercise, although some of them obviously look forward to just having some rest and relaxation time too. The well behaved are never short of pats from passers by.

When you travel with dogs you find a lot of like minded people and it doesn’t take long to get to know the dog’s name, usually quicker than it takes to formally meet their owners and learn their names.

It’s important when you do take dogs on holidays to make sure they have identification on them, have them microchipped before leaving home, take any medication they may need (especially if they need a bit of calming) and keep them on leash where it’s required.  Cleaning up after them is a must and there is no excuse not to with poop bags available at all public parks and beaches and no one wants to find what your dog leaves behind!

It is becoming more common now for dogs to be accepted when dining out, with alfresco areas allowing well behaved dogs to be on the premises. Establishments that are dog friendly provide water dishes for them to use and in some cases they may just get a treat as well.

On Yorke Peninsula in South Australia we have found quite a few places where dogs are welcome which is an important factor for visitors to the region. Just a few places we’ve visited include:

Moonta Bay Holiday Park, Port Hughes Tavern, Watsacowie Brewing Company Minlaton, Sunny Hill Distillery Arthurton, and many cafes with outdoor dining spaces.



10 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Caravan Holidays – Yorke Peninsula

  1. I really appreciate all the great dog friendly venues around now. Actually planning a trip next week with the whole family, including two big dogs. A lot of work goes into making sure they behave themselves and we are on top of everything, sometimes people do forget that not everyone loves dogs, especially the big dopey kind. The one thing that drives my partner to distraction is when other people don’t pick up after their dogs or they let them run riot. It gives us all a bad name.
    Love taking our dogs with us, dogs on holiday is the best.

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    1. You’re right there is nothing worse than people thinking everyone is a dog lover! It annoys me too when dogs run up to you and the owner yells out ‘it’s ok he’s friendly’ 🤦🏼‍♀️ I love my dog but that doesn’t mean I’m a fan of every breed, and because my dog has a disability he doesn’t like other dogs jumping on him. Obedience is definitely the key for dogs and owners. 😂


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