Hahndorf Resort – Caravan Park in the Adelaide Hills

This is one caravan park that is very aptly named, it is all resort without the resort price that other parks sometimes charge. Hahndorf is only half an hour from Adelaide on the south eastern freeway and that is the direction I would urge people to come into the town from, with a caravan in tow.  To come in from any other direction means driving through the main street of Hahndorf which takes nerves of steel, due to the narrowness of the road combined with parked cars on both sides of the road, continual flowing traffic and pedestrians crossing the road. Believe me I lived in this area for many many years and the popularity of this town is always like this, any time of the day, week and year.

Despite that, this is a must see destination in the Adelaide Hills and a terrific base to discover the local villages, wineries, food, arts and shopping.  The caravan park is one of the most impressive in South Australia and very deserving of its 4 star rating and naming as the ‘Best Caravan Park and Holiday Park in Australia in 2019’.

To begin with is the ease of caravan sites, all of them have views of the surrounding countryside and quite a few are drive through. The views of the Mt Lofty ranges are stunning and in the crisp hills mornings you can see fog drifting through the valleys amongst the huge gum trees and autumn coloured trees. Hahndorf was also the birthplace of Hans Heysen, renowned Australian artist whose paintings reflect this countryside.

As well as huge impressive gum trees the park has all that you would expect and more, of a place calling itself a resort. There is an onsite restaurant, Three Gums Bistro, which you can walk to from your site, or a camp kitchen with unsurpassed views to enjoy when you dine outside. There is a swimming pool, bouncy pillow and a mini golf park.  There are a number of lakes throughout the park and ducks and geese regularly pass through your site and settle in to welcome you to the hills.

The park also has cottages, units and resort rooms which are perfect for guests to stay in, if they aren’t caravanners or campers, as the resort also has a reception centre and function rooms which are popular with weddings and conferences.

There is a games room as well to keep kids, big and small entertained but with grounds that look like this, a deck chair and a book overlooking a lake looks like a better idea to me.

The town of Hahndorf is a bit of a hike from the caravan park so you may want to drive to a car parking area a little closer and then walk it.  It is definitely worth it with so many shops, restaurants, cafes, art and craft outlets to see, but it is a long stretch to explore so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for many stops.



19 thoughts on “Hahndorf Resort – Caravan Park in the Adelaide Hills

  1. Looks like a top place to stay. I like Hahndorf but it really has got too busy nowadays and traffic is awful, even if not towing! I was there over Christmas past and was surprised that it was still packed notwithstanding the lack of international visitors.

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  2. Hahndorf is lovely but I’ve never camped there. This park looks absolutely gorgeous and definitely fits the “resort” title. Love your early morning visitors too! 🦆🦆🦆

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    1. Oh yes, hard to believe it took so many years. Did you ever know devil’s elbow? It was the last aptly named bend at the bottom of the hills before you were on flatter ground heading into Adelaide. Those roads still exist for those that want to travel them.


      1. Yes, I do remember that one. My two brothers in law lived in Adelaide when they were young blokes. One pretended that the brakes had failed when coming down those hills, only the joke failed when the younger one threatened to jump out of the car.

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  3. I enjoy your travel, thanks for sharing 🙂 My family growing up had a 38 foot Avion we towed behind a big Ford station wagon 2000 miles from central US to the west coast ❗️ It was a pain in the ass hooking that thing up every night then disconnecting the next morning till set up in Washington State for a month of luxury 🙂 gosh I enjoyed smoked Salmon 😉

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      1. Electric, water, sewer hook-ups , leveling, lighting the water heater, switching the fridge from gas to electric, unplugging the tailor brakes, chocking the tires, checking the oil, coolant, tire pressure… It was much nicer staying at one place for a month 😉

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      2. Theses days it’s power plugged in, sump hoses out, grey water contained, fridge switches automatically, levelling only required sometimes and all done in about 20 minutes. 😉 But yes staying put in one place for a month is a great idea too, or staying off grid with solar power and staying hooked on to the car near a river somewhere. 👍

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