Angel of Hahndorf – Adelaide Hills Sculpture Trail

Sitting in the grounds of the Hahndorf Academy, a heritage building housing a museum, art gallery and shop in the main street of Hahndorf, you’ll find this beautiful sculpture, just one of the 26 on the Adelaide Hills Sculpture Trail.

The trail winds through hills and Fleurieu Peninsula towns with the purpose of linking regions, art, people, nature and beauty. The sculptures were all created during international sculpture symposiums which were held in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Master sculptors from all over the world and Australia came together and crafted these pieces in collaboration with the communities where they now sit.This sculpture was created by Australian sculptor Craig Medson (1960-2015) and is called Angel of Hahndorf. It was one of the first sculptures, commissioned in 2012, and is quite striking with its contrasting theme of angel wings made of granite. In the artist’s words…

I try to make my sculptures appear light, rhythmic and with an element of movement…often belying the weight they really are. I aim always to create sculptures that emit an aura of beauty, harmony, balance and peace’.

Something he definitely succeeded in with this piece.



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