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Jayco Modifications – Wardrobe Hanging Space


We’ve had our (new to us) Jayco Silverline for around 18 months now and have done quite a bit of travelling on and off road, so it has given us time to live with it and work out any changes we’d like to make. For the most part we love it, the layout and finish is perfect for us but one thing has been an impractical nuisance from the beginning so a bit of modification was called for.

The wardrobes in the bedroom section of our van are a good size and are long enough to hang clothes without them bunching up on the base of the cupboard, BUT, whoever designed a hanging rail to run in an east to west direction (that is your clothes hang from front to back) needs their head read!  It never did look like a great idea, it means having to rifle through your clothes all the time to find what you’re after and having clothes at the front fall off hangers in the process, or more the case, if it was hung at the back forget it, that won’t see daylight during your trip.

We have persisted with this set up to see if there was a logical reason for this but I have to admit if there was one, I haven’t found it. You may be thinking it was to fit coat hangers across the width of the wardrobe but no, we have had to buy shorter than normal ones to fit across anyway. And so to our modification, after a bit of measuring and checking for practicality, we have made our own solution.

A quick trip to Bunnings gave us all the bits and pieces needed to fashion up our own hanging rails for the caravan wardrobes which will now mean clothes will hang in a usual and practical north south direction making it possible to see and access everything hanging. The depth of the wardrobe is slightly more than the width so clothes will hang on a slight angle but I can live with that or I will find (or create) hangers that are slightly shorter again than the current ones.

Happy days, let’s hit the road


Author: Glenys Gelzinis

Freelance travel writer and photographer.

14 thoughts on “Jayco Modifications – Wardrobe Hanging Space

  1. I have never heard of east west hanging …. does’t make sense to me either. Given our wardrobe items and unfashionable attire, generally, we will be dispensing with hangers altogether and adding shelves.

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  2. The crazy hanging situations in vans is probably why some people only use their shower for hanging clothes. We had a cabinetmaker friend change the wardrobes in our first van to shelves which was fabulous but we’ve never got around to doing it in this van. For some strange law of physics a few clothes neatly folded on each shelf seem to stay neat, tidy and well behaved. I’ll bet your new arrangement will work a treat.


  3. Bonkers!
    The dish rack in our overhead cupboard ran from front to back, so you couldn’t get anything out. Luckily, that too was an easy fix.

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  4. Yes, that is a bit weird. You certainly came up with a good solution.

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