Uluru Field Of Light

DA75039A-268E-439C-BA30-2562E4909A98We are currently on a road trip from the south to north of Australia, ending up at Darwin, but along the way we are trying some new to us, free camp sites as well as some old favourite caravan parks. Today we leave Ayers Rock Campground as it is still known, after visiting Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park.

No matter how many times you see Uluru in particular, it always takes your breath away, the sheer size and presence is something you have to experience in person. Dont’ leave it too late to visit though, there are so many great ways to get around but you want to be able to enjoy it, whether for you that is walking, cycling, Segway or camel tours, or all the way up to helicopter flights, all these options are available.

An experience that brought us out here to the centre of Australia this time was the Field of Light experience.  This is an incredible artistic light installation that is set as a carpet of gorgeousness with Uluru as the backdrop.  

Uluru is still the absolute star of the night as the rock shines with the setting sun sun but once darkness falls, the field of light takes over and you are drawn to it like moths to a flame.


There are a number of ways you can see this immersive installation, of more than 50,000 glass spheres which was created by artist Bruce Munro, with self guided tours starting at $44 per head for adults, right up to exclusive dining experiences or heli flights with the prices escalating accordingly.

We chose to see the lights by buying a Field of Light Star Pass which for $98 per head for adults, entitles you to bus transfer from your accommodation, outback style canapés, and drinks followed by a self guided walk through the field (we took the 800 metre option, or you can take a shorter walk) and then bus transfer back again. The whole experience lasts for around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

We are staying at the campground and our pick up was the first for the tour bus which then went on to two other motel accommodations to collect passengers from there.  All up two large coaches transported us all out to the exclusive area and we were not disappointed with the beer, wines and canapés on offer.  The canapés deserve a special mention of their own. Never before have I had a  selection like this of blue cheese and saltbush profiterole, sweet potato and ricotta on a dark rye bread, smoked salmon and pea tart and smoked kangaroo brioche. All served up in a little cardboard container and all absolutely delectable.

The sunset was just magical with the sky also lighting up behind us, and then slowly the lights began to magically take effect and we were allowed to wander down the dune and into the field amongst the lights.

The pathways through are all easily identified with solar lights forming a pathway, but it is easy to lose people as you wander along, especially when you are stopping to take photos often.

The whole night was absolutely amazing and worth every cent I can’t recommend it highly enough. 
BUT…if there is one down side, we had it, with the biggest bunch of selfish and obnoxious bogans almost ruining a good thing. 
Unfortunately when you add freely available alcohol to events like this, some people overdo it and we then had to put up with them cackling and carrying on all through the field so we let this raucous mob get ahead of us so we could enjoy the peaceful starry light filled night without their input. 

Serenity restored! Until we had to share the bus road home with them again. 

Despite one bad bunch, the evening was glorious and should be experienced as soon as possible before it ends, though if that has been decided I’m not sure when. 

Cheers and think about fellow travellers 🍷🤦🏼‍♀️


14 thoughts on “Uluru Field Of Light

    1. It was such a fantastic experience and there was no way we were going to let them spoil it. A pity but there are selfish people out there that don’t get that everyone is there to enjoy it and not hear them!


    1. I’m not a fan of organised bus tours usually but this is the only way to see this event, but as a rule I’d much rather go at our own pace. 😊 It really is something to see and it is absolutely wondrous in real life.

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  1. There’s always gotta be one lot of inconsiderates that do their best to ruin it for others! But glad they didn’t spoil it for you entirely. It’s an amazing experience isn’t it. We did it back in 2017 taking the same option you did and absolutely loved it. Definitely a magical night in every way. 💫⭐️🥂

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    1. Yes unfortunately you just have to try and distance yourself from the rowdy ones to enjoy it but boy it was sooo beautiful. ☺️ I’ve been wanting to see it for years and it was even better than expected.


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