Creating Your Own Illuminate Adelaide

Don’t you hate it when your best laid plans get blown away thanks to the weather!

That’s what happened when an evening planned in Adelaide for the opening night of Illuminate Adelaide was gone with the wind. This winter festival in the city, lights up the streets, laneways and prominent buildings around town for two weeks with the opening night meant to be Friday 16th of July.

However, the wild wintry weather had other ideas and the opening night was postponed thanks to wild winds and heavy rain predicted for the Friday night.

It was understandable from the organiser’s point of view I guess, though why light projections onto buildings couldn’t happen I’m not sure? The problem with the postponement meant that for those of us who live a fair distance from the city, plans were already made and confirmed with accommodation, dinner booking and more, so changes weren’t possible.

So when life gives you lemons what else are you to do but carry on and create your own festival of lights! Here is my plan B which turned out to be very illuminating anyway.

North Terrace in Adelaide is where you’ll find the SA Museum, State Library, Universities, and Art Gallery amongst other prominent buildings and the trees lining this major road are wrapped in fairy lights making it a pretty stroll even in the rain. The bare trees add their own beauty to the city under street lights.

Some other city buildings had lit up facades and were lovely to see too. Rundle Mall is the main shopping strip in the city and that too is dressed up to throw a bit of light on a cold and gloomy wintry city.

When you need to get out of the freezing conditions and rain, there are plenty of clubs, and hotels in the city and a few quirky little bars to get your neon fix. Look for Hidden Pour in Hindley Street, which as the name suggests is a hidden little underground cocktail bar which resembles a London tube station, you’ll get great service from friendly staff who make delicious cocktails.

Cry Baby is another bar to visit with a great party atmosphere mainly due to the music they belt out, playing tunes that everybody knows and loves, from the 60s through to the 80s. A fun spot to park in a booth and sing along with your mates and a place to see an abundance of neon signs.

Even if events get cancelled, you can look on the bright side and make your own fun, but if you do get the chance to visit Illuminate Adelaide, it is on until Sunday 1st of August 2021.

*But late news for Adelaide is that a new Covid alert has the festival on hold again until we see where this thing is going, so perhaps I was lucky after all!



7 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Illuminate Adelaide

  1. I have come to a killjoy place of thinking it not wise to be doing massive illuminations, unless they are all renewable energy. The amount of environmental damage can no longer be ignored. Pretty though they are –

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    1. That’s a very good point and one I hadn’t really thought of until you mentioned it, but according to the illuminate Adelaide website, the environmental effects they have looked at are:
      They are planning to be carbon neutral by 2023, and the current installations use renewable energy through the city council’s carbon offset scheme. They also use paperless tickets, and waste free initiatives at bars and outdoor events.
      I absolutely agree though that it should only happen in a sustainable way.

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