Broken Hill Highlights – Part 1

For our first visit to Broken Hill I think we managed to pack in quite a lot of the must see attractions. Finding a place to stay was a bit of an issue when we arrived and caravan sites were scarce in both of the caravan parks and the showgrounds.

This was due to a number of factors including an influx of people working on a new ‘Mad Max’ movie which stars Chris Hemsworth, and a couple of other random factors including a dog show in town and a big Agricultural Fair over the weekend.

Just our luck!  It’s nice to be spontaneous when it comes to caravanning, but as we soon found out, it pays to know what’s happening where you’re going too. After being rejected at the first caravan park and getting a smug ‘That’s why we book’,  response from another customer, we tried the Lakeview Caravan Park and were warmly greeted at reception. They bent over backwards to give us options of where we could park, even if that did mean shifting during our stay, no drama. Take that smug customer!

So to the highlights of our visit:

Palace Hotel

This hotel gained notoriety and became a real drawcard to the town after it appeared in the movie ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’. It’s now become a real mecca for drag queens and each year in September it’s the hub for the ‘Broken Heel Festival’.

You can visit the hotel any time of year and the murals in the foyer have to be seen to be believed. They were painted by indigenous artist Gordon Waye and were painted over a number of years.

My tip, go for the murals and stay for the food. We had an excellent meal there and the wine list was great too. If you time it right you may even be there on drag bingo night.

Line of Lode

This is a memorial to miners and the mining industry on which Broken Hill was made. The memorial wall within the structure lists more than 800 names of workers who have died since mining commenced in Broken Hill in 1883.

Walking past the list of names is very sobering and reading of the tragic ways in which workers died is quite horrific. At the end of the memorial wall there is a lookout over the town.

It’s free to visit and is open day and night. There is a café which is under renovation at the moment but looks like it will be a stunning asset to the area.

Bells milk bar

There was so much more than I was expecting to see here. I knew it was a 50s / 60s original milk bar in Broken Hill and the décor reflected that, but I didn’t expect it to be a museum of my childhood!  Apart from being a functioning milk bar, serving milkshakes, sodas and spiders, they also sell original syrups and cordials that are still made on the premises.

Best of all though is the collection of retro furniture found in a mock up living room, kitchen and more. Wow it’s like a step back in time that has you remembering how homes looked and functioned back then. It’s a lot of fun to drop in and see for a dose of nostalgia.

Oh and this was also the closest we got to Chris Hemsworth, Mad Max, move star. No not him in person, but a car used by the ‘stunt’ team, parked outside Bells. That’s it!

(More of our Broken Hill discoveries in my next blog)



5 thoughts on “Broken Hill Highlights – Part 1

  1. Are there other old hotels in the interior with murals? When I was there, we were in one, and I would have loved to stay – but the rest of the family was less adventurous, and opted for a cookie cutter motel on the outskirts of town. Do I remember what town? Well, no – it was at least 20 years ago! I thought I might still have the log of that trip, which would tell me where we stayed between Canberra, Coober Pedy, Uluru, and Sidney, but apparently not on this computer.

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