An Overnight stay at Bunnerungee Bridge

This great little rest stop was recommended to us by a neighbour at home, and we are so glad we got the tip for a terrific overnight free camp.

Bunnerungee Bridge is 65 kilometres north of Wentworth in New South Wales on the Silver City Highway and the rest stop is a great one if you just want to break up a journey or to stay overnight as we did. A dirt road winds down to the river and on the way there is a toilet in a concrete rainwater tank.

We found a space near the river to park for the night and set up our campfire. Surprisingly, despite it being right next to the highway there really wasn’t that much traffic noise and no one else camped there on the night we did.

We managed to have good luck again because the river was full and flowing nicely, something we took for granted until a few locals pulled in and took photos of the rare sight. This is part of the Great Darling River system, and the locality is called Anabranch South. It’s part of the ephemeral system of the Murray-Darling Basin, meaning it only runs occasionally, during times of heavy rains and floods.

These branches are thought to be important habitats for native fish stocks, providing food resources for juvenile species during floods. The locals that pulled in to take photos said it was the most water they’d seen in the river for years.

Pelican flock

For us it was a peaceful overnight spot and with the river looking as it did, Harry just had to try catching a fish, and he did! It wasn’t something edible unfortunately but an incredible 70cm long carp. This is the biggest one we’ve ever caught and it looked like it had been around for a lot of years.

70cm carp

Bunnerungee Bridge is a terrific stopover between Broken Hill and Wentworth if you’re travelling in this western region of New South Wales.  

Happy travels,


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