Tri State Trip Round Up

The statistics for our last trip have been tallied, so for those interested in a similar trip, here are a few details of our loop around three states.

We drove a total of 3763 kilometres in 31 days, starting in SA then travelling to Broken Hill in New South Wales, down through Victoria’s western region and back into the lower south east of SA, then followed the coast to home.

The map below show the areas we covered.

Our stays were made up of 2 Station Stays, 6 caravan parks and 7 other stays including low cost powered campsites or completely off grid caravanning. We had 21 nights powered and 10 unpowered nights. Our solar power and diesel heater were both put to the test over the time and worked well without any dramas.

Going away in winter has the added bonus of being able to have campfires and bags of wood were easy to buy along the way, and another way to put a bit of money into rural economies. This was on top of buying food and fuel, eating out, and winery and distillery visits.

We’ve found a new must do on our travels now too, drop into second hand stores and Op shops and you’ll be surprised at what treasures you can find.

Apart from my blogs on this website, I put a few articles together for RV daily and On the Road magazine and was able to form an unexpected collaboration which I will have more information about in the next few months.

Another fun and interesting journey completed and with the caravan having had a thorough clean and repack, it must be time to plan the next getaway.

See you out there on the road somewhere!


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