On The Road – Summer 2023

The summer edition of On The Road magazine is out now, and inside is a short article of mine on a curious outcrop of buildings you can find on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Around 18 kilometres south of Cowell on the Lincoln Highway is Igloo Road, and it’s worth taking a detour down this dirt road to see the ‘igloos’.

They’re not the typical structures you’d expect to find in wheat and sheep country but there’s an interesting story behind them.

The four structures are the remains of a radar station built by the Royal Australian Air Force in 1942, and they stand about 70 metres apart in a field which is a Department of Defence site. You can access the buildings for a closer look, via a gate at the edge of the field.

For the full story grab a copy of ‘On The Road’, wherever all good magazines are sold.



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