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First Camping Trips – Remember when…?

iCamping at Scott Bay

I was looking through some old photo albums this week and came across the old west coast camping trip photos. Our very early days of camping / fishing trips saw us venture over 900kms from Adelaide, to the far west coast of South Australia to a place called Scott Bay. Here in a convoy of 3 or 4 cars and a trailer with dirt bikes we would head off into the sunset feeling like explorers. We would spend two weeks camping rough, way before ‘survivor’ was even thought of.

Our travelling music of choice when radio stations ran out was cassettes, usually Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and The Barking Spiders Live. (Look that one up!) We would amuse ourselves over the long drive with silly conversations over CB radios and the odd game of trivial pursuit, again over the CB.

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Do the Goolwa Beach Cockle Shuffle

Goolwa Beach South Australia

It’s almost that time of year again; cockle season begins at Goolwa Beach from the 1st of November. Cockles in South Australia (also known as pipis in the eastern states) are a popular bait for a huge variety of fish species.  They can also be used in marinara so I’m told, but it’s hard for me to get my head around them being anything other than bait for something better!

Collecting them or “going cockling” is half the fun and a lot less expensive than buying them from bait shops. You will need a four wheel drive to get onto the beach at Goolwa with the entry onto the beach at the Goolwa Beach carpark.  Here you will also see the regulations and size for keeping cockles.

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Packing the Pooch

Best fishing buddies.

Best fishing buddies.

Most of our holidays over the years have involved taking the dog too. In fact a lot of times it’s the deciding factor in where to go for holidays. Is it dog friendly? Can you have a fire? Is it close to the water? Does it have a view? Walking distance to town / food / pub? All of those questions come in to play when we are looking for the next destination, but the dog one is a biggie, after all they are part of the family. Of course they have to be on leash at all times in caravan parks and not making a nuisance of themselves and ALWAYS clean up after them.

Our dogs have all been kelpies, we’ve found them to be extremely intelligent and well behaved, they’ve rarely barked, loved the great outdoors and a run on the beach and are absolutely no problem on holidays. They are also very friendly with other dogs, adults and children and have great personalities.

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Road Trip Car Games



OK so these days many modern cars come with inbuilt DVD players to entertain the kids on long drives but if you are after some good old family fun on the way to your destination and want the kids looking at, and appreciating the unfolding scenery, try some of these for fun. They may actually enjoy it! And let’s face it the more ideas you are armed with before a long driving trip the better.

As well as these games I would also print out or find some puzzles like find-a-word etc… and have a secret stash of snacks in the front seat which would get handed over at times when it was all getting a bit much.  Another great thing to do is to stop at great looking playgrounds and parks on the way.  Not only is this good for the kids but it ensures that the driver is having a rest stop to get out, stretch the legs, have a coffee and move on with a clear head again. Remember that getting to your destination in one piece is the goal!

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Port Elliot Top 5 things to do.

Port Elliot Caravan Park

You’ll find one of South Australia’s best caravan parks just over 80kms from Adelaide. Port Elliot and the gorgeous Horseshoe Bay are well known to SA locals and it’s a popular place year round.  With springs arrival and daylight savings on the horizon there’s no better time to hook on the van and discover what’s on offer in Port Elliot. Here is my list of all-time top 5 things to do when you are holidaying along this spectacular coastline on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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Camping Food – More Than Just Sausages!

zucchini-pattiesJust because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to go without good, healthy food. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to mean spending a long time in a kitchen or away from the action outdoors either.  I made my own caravan cookbook full of quick recipes that don’t have a lot of ingredients that can go to waste and they’re tried and true.

This is one of my favourite recipes, really quick and easy to prepare and easy to cook in an electric frying pan outdoors, or on a BBQ hotplate.  Continue reading

Caravans Past and Present

Old vans such character.

If you’ve been a fan of caravanning for a long time like me you’ve probably had the odd upgrade of vans or definitely have things on the wish list of what “the next van will have…” In the early days it was tenting which was fantastic for spontaneous weekends away, throw a bit of camping gear in the car and a tent and off you go. In 2003 we progressed to a camper trailer, ahh that’s better, a proper mattress up off the floor and a more permanent way to store camping equipment underneath the camper. This was a brilliant set up with 2 small kids, still very easy to take wherever we wanted to go, on and off road, and easy to make camp. It was exactly what we needed for a 6 week holiday through the centre of Australia from top to bottom. Helping hands would pitch in to set up what they were capable of and we all had a big, dry and relatively comfy setup.  The camper trailer did many more off road holidays including some memorable fishing trips to the Coorong in South Australia.

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