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Megafauna of Central Australia


A fascinating museum has opened in Todd Mall in Alice Springs where you can see fossils and re-created megafauna of central Australia. The first of the fossils were discovered on a cattle station around 150 kilometres north east of Alice Springs in the 1950s and the process of extracting more is still continuing today.

An aboriginal station hand made the first discovery of a bone that didn’t belong to any animal living in the area and scientists travelled to the area to investigate.  What they found was the largest fossil bed site of Miocene period megafauna in Australia.

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Alice Springs Street Art


It’s my thing! I’m just in awe of the talent of artists who can create these large scale paintings in cities and towns around Australia, so now I seek them out wherever we travel.  From disused grain silos and water towers in rural areas to busy city streets and laneways there are incredible works of art being brought to the people.

Alice Springs in central Australia, is halfway between Adelaide and Darwin and has a population of more than 26,000. It is a tourism draw for its captivating desert landscapes and strong aboriginal culture and indigenous art which can be seen on country and in galleries. Now included in that I would add making time to discover the street art.

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Visit Alice Springs


The amount of things to see and do in Alice Springs is only limited by the time you have to stay. If you’ve never been, then plan to spend a lot of time discovering the East and West MacDonnell Ranges. The East Macs stretch for 150 kilometres and the West Macs 160 kilometres and in both directions you have gorges, waterholes and chasms that need to be seen and experienced.

There are walking tracks, ancient indigenous art sites, wildlife and birdlife and the best way to really enjoy these areas is to stay amongst it all in a campground out there. The next best thing is to base yourself in Alice Springs at one of the caravan parks, and make day trips to the landmarks.

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RFDS – A National Treasure

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is a unique and vital medical service in Australia. It provides 24 hour emergency healthcare over the entire country, covering an area of more than seven and a half million square kilometres. Not only do they provide emergency care to people living, working and travelling in rural and remote areas, but they provide clinics, preventative health programs, access to specialists and much more.

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Heading down the track.

The homeward stretch began as we left Darwin behind with its coldest day on record, struggling to get above 21 degrees all day. Too cold here, time to head south (Ha Ha, that’s one for our Darwin friends).

We stayed one night in Katherine then moved on to stay the next at Bitter Springs, Mataranka.  There were noticeably more caravans and campers on the road as it got closer to the Easter weekend. Still we could pull up wherever we liked and the sites were big enough to stay hitched on to the car for a quick take-off the next day.  Continue reading