RFDS – A National Treasure

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is a unique and vital medical service in Australia. It provides 24 hour emergency healthcare over the entire country, covering an area of more than seven and a half million square kilometres. Not only do they provide emergency care to people living, working and travelling in rural and remote areas, but they provide clinics, preventative health programs, access to specialists and much more.

In May every year the work of this fantastic service is recognised with the anniversary of the inception of the service which this year, is 92 years. You can read a bit more background information on the RFDS service here. Every anniversary in May it reminds me to support the work that they do, and I like to support them every year because I believe the work that they do is so vital. Being regular road travellers in this vast country I am grateful that the service exists and it’s a comfort to know they are there if needed. Even during the Covid 19 crisis, the RFDS continued with their work because they are an essential service.

So when May comes around every year it’s especially important to help out and ‘Flick them a Flynn’ (a $20 note in Australia, which bears the image of the Reverend John Flynn, founder of the RFDS) or purchase something from their online shops. If you visit the RFDS website take the time to read about the wonderful work they do and then you can donate online or visit the shops from the different states, each state shop has slightly different products so it pays to visit each one. Products can be ordered online and posted to you.

This year I decided to buy a stainless steel drink bottle, great for car travel as they keep drinks hot or cold for hours. These particular bottles have bright designs of Australian birds and animals by Australian artist Pete Cromer on one side and the RFDS logo on the other. I also bought a book that I’ve had on a must read list for a while. The products you can buy, range from clothing and hats to homewares, books, children’s toys and more.

Consider a purchase from RFDS or Flick them a Flynn during May.




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