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Australian Silo Art Trail – Wimmera Region


IMG_0462Take at look at the CamperMate website to see my latest story on some impressive silo art in Australia. These giant towers have become art canvases and their popularity is spreading all around the country. This has been happening for a few years now and it’s becoming easier to include a visit to see many of them as you travel around the country.  These brilliant pieces are not only on grain silos though, you can also find painted water towers and other structures in rural areas and having them is doing a great service in bringing incredible art to the masses and travellers to rural areas that otherwise might have been bypassed. View the pictures →

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Darwin Street Art


Everyone is heading to northern Australia at this time of year, escaping the cold wintery conditions of the south, and this year in particular there are more people than ever travelling.

I’ve written a recent piece for CamperMate on the journey north which is dubbed, The Explorers Way, which you can read about here. For interest sake I did a tally as we were travelling for part of the trip and in just a one hour section of the journey, I counted 92 caravans / camper trailers / holiday makers heading north! I can certainly see the appeal and even though it seems extremely busy, there are plenty of free camping options and road side parking areas to enjoy the trip.

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More Melbourne Street Art

Hosier Lane street artMelbourne is one of those cities that even if you think you’ve seen it before, it pays to check again. When you wander through the city there is always something bright and quirky to catch your attention day and night. The laneways are always worth a look, especially if you want to see some wild and wacky art.

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Geelong Street Art

Geelong bollardsThe regional city of Geelong is a little over 75 kilometres from Melbourne and a very creative place to discover. The painted bollards that decorate the foreshore of town are something that people may be familiar with, but my quest on very limited time was to also find some of the amazing street art around town. Looking for street art I find is a good way to stretch your legs when travelling and to get your bearings in a new town, especially if like me, you finish up backtracking and revisiting places, walking in circles! Eventually you work out where you’ve been and where to head next.

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Artsing about in Western Australia.


In the January / February issue of On The Road Magazine this year I had an article on finding street art when you’re on holidays. It’s a great way to get to know a town or city by walking around and finding little back alleys which can sometimes be a treasure trove of artworks.

I’m finding that more and more places in Australia, and a lot of them rural, are really taking to having festivals and events where local artists can show their creativity. They are also doing a great service in covering some unsightly buildings, ablution blocks etc… with colour and humour thrown in.

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