More Melbourne Street Art

Hosier Lane street artMelbourne is one of those cities that even if you think you’ve seen it before, it pays to check again. When you wander through the city there is always something bright and quirky to catch your attention day and night. The laneways are always worth a look, especially if you want to see some wild and wacky art.

Hosier Lane in the city is one that is renowned for its street art, graffiti and murals which seem to change often enough to make it worth checking out whenever we visit. There always seems to be an update of art that is topical, political and features people who are currently in the news.

Some of the finds to be seen at the moment include a mural of Post Malone, the American singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer. American basketball player Kobe Bryant is another well-known face on the wall.

There are always plenty of other bright and colourful, pop art and cartoon style faces and pieces, some of which you can find tags for the artists and others are lost to the chaos.

A couple of names I could find were @saladbowlart and Lukas Kasper @kaspersart who have Instagram pages to follow if you want to see more of their work.

Whether you are visiting the heart of the city or strolling through suburban streets it always pays to look up high and down every lane and alleyway for hidden treasures. This 20 metre high robot towers over Chapel Street on the Love & Lewis building and is by UK based artist Phlegm.

Robot by Phlegm

Another mural by Melbourne artist Tom Gerrard can be seen on the side of a building off Chapel Street. It measures around 12 metres long and 4 metres high and certainly catches your attention.

Tom Gerrard street art

Whether it’s on a wall or in a shop window, Melbourne you are never boring!

only in Melbourne



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