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Top 10 Caravan Parks in WA


We found some absolute gems of caravan parks in Western Australia, you know the ones that make you gasp when you see the pool, the amenities, the location, location, location! There are some pretty stunning caravan parks out there and the ones that topped my list made it for different reasons. For some it’s the proximity to a beach, walk over a dune and there you are, others had unbelievable pools, kitchens, or grounds that had you asking “is this really a caravan park?’’ Sometimes it’s because of their location to everything you need, a one stop shop if you like where everything needed for a great stay is within walking distance. So from South to North of the state, here are my favourites.

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Shark Bay Region Finale – As West As It Gets

This was one of the must do things on our list when coming to WA and that was of course to go to THE most westerly point on the mainland, Steep Point.

We didn’t know much about it other than where it was before heading over here and then the more we found out about it and how to get there the more daunting it sounded.  We had conflicting information anything from ‘yeah you can do it in a couple of hours’ to ‘you will need all day’.

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Shark Bay Region Part 2 – Dolphins and New Experiences

After waking up to 80% humidity in Denham with the car and caravan wet and trees dripping, it was time to move on to Monkey Mia. It’s only 26kms from Denham on the other side of the peninsula but still within the Shark Bay Marine Park.  Everyone has probably heard of Monkey Mia as the place to have a close encounter with dolphins, so close in fact that they come in every morning and are hand fed by a lucky few people chosen by the rangers.

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Shark Bay Region Part 1 -Things That Bite

img_4386Hello Denham, our first stop in the World Heritage area of Shark Bay. The meeting place of three climatic zones, home to dugongs, loggerhead turtles, dolphins, rays and sharks. And also the best welcome we’ve received yet…emus at the entrance to town.

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