Top 10 Caravan Parks in WA

We found some absolute gems of caravan parks in Western Australia, you know the ones that make you gasp when you see the pool, the amenities, the location, location, location! There are some pretty stunning caravan parks out there and the ones that topped my list made it for different reasons. For some it’s the proximity to a beach, walk over a dune and there you are, others had unbelievable pools, kitchens, or grounds that had you asking “is this really a caravan park?’’ Sometimes it’s because of their location to everything you need, a one stop shop if you like where everything needed for a great stay is within walking distance. So from South to North of the state, here are my favourites.

Karrinyup Waters Resort, Perth.

This was one of those pinch me I must be dreaming places. From the moment we arrived the service was incredible.  We drove in and had a place to park the van before being met by Digby who drove us around in a golf cart so we could pick which site we wanted.  We were shown a few options and eventually chose a site overlooking a lake.

Then it was just a matter of backing in and setting up camp. I like that they make it bleeding obvious for everyone when you pull up to your site.  This was a beautiful peaceful park, you wouldn’t believe you are only 14 kilometres north of Perth city. The highlights were the lovely grounds and lake outlooks, great pool, proximity to the city and beaches and the interesting visitors we had to the caravan door.

This is the perfect base to explore the city, suburbs and beaches of Perth.

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park, Cervantes.

As well as location this is one of those parks that makes you want to stay in and just enjoy everything it has to offer. This has to be a contender for best swimming pool and camp kitchen area for any park we stayed in.  It is so resort feeling around the pool and the kitchen and games room area were new and in pristine condition.

The other reasons for staying here is that it’s just a short stroll through the park to the beach to see the cray boats at anchor and watch the sunset into the sea. Also it’s only a short drive to the weathered limestone formations that are the Pinnacles, a must see tombstone looking desert of spires. Having accommodation so close means you can visit them early morning, sunset and evening for great photo opportunities too.

We loved this park so much we stayed an extra day longer than we had originally planned just to enjoy lounging around the pool. Just what you need to break up a long driving holiday.

Murchison River Caravan Park, Kalbarri.

Definitely all about location here. Situated directly opposite the river with little hut covered tables next to your van, a larger hut covered BBQ area and within walking distance to the tourist information centre, hotel and pelican feeding across the road. This is another park which is a great base after you’ve been out exploring during the day, visiting the spectacular cliffs, beaches and national parks in the vicinity.

Pelican feeding happens every morning across the road at the river’s edge and is a fun way to start the day. The volunteers who ran the show shared information about the pelicans and how the feeding of them came about (don’t worry it’s only a token amount, they get much more by fishing for themselves in this huge river) but also shared what there is to see and do in Kalbarri. They were such great ambassadors for their region.

At the end of a day of touring this park is in the perfect position to sit back and have a drink while you watch the sun set between the palms, over the river and into the sea.

Denham Seaside Tourist Village, Denham.

Wow, this is one of those places where you can wake up to an incredible view and pretend that you own this little patch of beachfront paradise. The beachfront sites here are truly that, no road between you and the sandy, shelly beach and aquamarine water. Simply stunning.  This one’s claim to fame is also that it is the most westerly caravan park in Australia.

The park is situated at the end of the foreshore and an easy stroll into town. Having the water so close makes it a great park for beachcombing, walking, swimming and fishing. There is a fish cleaning station in prime position to catch the sunsets too.

Denham has the Old Shark Bay Hotel, (most westerly hotel in Australia), and an amazing visitor centre where you can get tourism information and spend time in the shark bay discovery centre with its interesting interactive displays. There is also the Heritage Resort on the foreshore with a balcony bar overlooking the bay and top food in its ‘Ocean Restaurant’.

Being based in Denham is a good launching place to visit the Ocean Park Aquarium and the Francois Peron National Park.

RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, Monkey Mia.

Another great spot for water views but this place lives up to the title of resort better than any other park I’ve been to.

It’s hard to know where to begin with the highlights here. From your van you stroll along a boardwalk with interpretive signs along the way, until your toes touch the pristine white sand that leads into the crystal clear water that the dolphins use as their daily highway.  To speak of the dolphin encounters here is a whole other experience so I will explain more of why this park is heavenly.

Monkey Mia is a total resort where the destination is purely about the resident dolphins, so the resort caters for everyone from backpackers, tents, caravans and motorhomes right up to cabins, motel rooms and beachfront luxury villas.

Once you pull in and set up you can put away the car keys and power down for the most relaxing time of your life. Every part of this resort is walking distance so you can eat, drink and be merry to your hearts content.

The resort has two hotel / dining options both with happy hours, great food and different atmosphere depending on your mood. We actually had the best meals in the whole of WA here at the Boughshed restaurant. Then to top it all off the resort pool is fantastic too and a top spot to chill, read a book and relax, in between visiting the dolphins in the ocean that is.

This is one place you have to drag yourself away from if you’re on a time frame.

Peoples Park, Coral Bay

Jaw dropping location. We couldn’t believe our luck to just roll into town and get a beachfront site in this caravan park.  Pull out the deck chairs, pour the wine, platter the cheese and bickies, I’m home!

The view for us was a sandy track to a glaringly white beach and shades of blue of green water you have to see to believe. Our days here were spent traipsing back and forth from caravan to beach to caravan to beach sunset and back again, like groundhog day – the one you want to have repeated over and over again.

Another idyllic location to waste a few days swimming, snorkelling and just thinking about how lucky we are to have places like this in Australia.

Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort, Exmouth

Another contender for ‘why would you go anywhere else with a pool like this’. Not only does this park have a truly resort style pool but also an onsite restaurant The BBQ Father making it so easy to give yourself a break from cooking.

Exmouth is an interesting town with a fascinating history and this park is a pleasure to come back to after touring or as we did, after free camping in the Cape Range National Park.

A good place to soak up the luxury between free camps.

Samson Beach Caravan Park, Point Samson

This park is around 60 kilometres north of Karratha and may seem like an unlikely contender, but at a very hot and humid time of our visit this place was an oasis. We only found this park thanks to a friendly local in Dampier who recommended it.

This tiny park only has 20 sites but they are shaded, right next to the general store, across the road from the beach and a very short stroll to the tavern. So this park makes it to my list because of its location and the lovely friendly local service we had. The tavern in particular was a godsend for its cold drinks, great food, excellent dining views and friendly helpful staff.

Lake Kununurra Caravan Park, Kununurra

Our site here was on Sunset Strip and it didn’t disappoint. You will find yourself using the words ‘how’s the serenity’ when you settle down for a coldie at crocodile rock and the outdoor kitchen / BBQ area.  That is until you hear about and see George the friendly freshwater croc who hangs around the edge of the lake and sometimes drags himself out for a look around on the bank.  You soon get used to him though and don’t give him a second thought after a while.

This park is all about the lake, the sunsets and sharing chats with fellow travellers overlooking this stunning view. It’s the perfect base to visit all that Kununurra has to offer and a peaceful, quiet place to come back to at the end of the day.

And Finally………

Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park, Lake Argyle

Our last stop in Western Australia and boy didn’t they save us the best for last! This place has left a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

If you have ever heard about this park you will know of its infinity pool which is even better than you think for its views and absolute calmness it bestows on you, but that is just the beginning.

This oasis in the desert has green grass and shady tropical feeling sites with plenty of room to spread out. This is a destination in itself so has its own café / restaurant and a fabulous casual outdoor area to share a few stories and drinks with fellow travellers. We had a great time here unwinding with nice people after we had cruised the awesome Lake Argyle on the Kimberley Durak boat tour. The staff made this an unforgettable experience and such a fitting end to our caravanning in Western Australia.




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  1. I love the sound of your Groundhog Day, I could handle that any (and every) day! All of these parks sound absolutely gorgeous. Looks like WA is next on the bucket list. 😎

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