Follow me…Stairways to Heaven and Paths to Glory

Some places just say follow me…… Do you find yourself wondering when you’re travelling, ‘where do these steps lead to?’ Sometimes the destination is obvious but other times I’ve found myself looking down at a set of steps or along a disappearing path, thinking well I won’t know unless I take it. The anticipation of what’s going to be at the end and the views along the way can keep you motivated and usually the good surprises far outweigh the disappointments. You’ll never know unless you take it.

I don’t always like taking the well-defined and fenced path because there are bound to be a lot of other people that have taken the easy way, BUT sometimes they are there for a reason including importantly, protecting a fragile environment and protecting sand dunes. Resist the urge to venture off even though it can be tempting, especially when you are trying to get a different photo angle to everyone else. You just have to learn to get more creative.


Apart from the expansive view, these steps have a very practical purpose. They deliver you to a viewing platform at the top where you can scout around and pick your (free camp) campsite at Coronation Beach in Western Australia.

Remember, the harder the climb or descent, probably the better the reward will be at the end. Thank goodness for platforms and rest stops  (I mean viewing platforms) along the way.

Sometimes the trail has led to a strange outcome, taking the walkway only to end up at a pile of rocks and there you go, watch your step from now on. Hmm.

Other times there have been some magnificent paths and boardwalks taking the scenic route along coastlines, out over cliffs and down to spectacular beaches.

Going up a set of steps can look daunting sometimes and make you wonder is it worth the effort, – definitely! Just remember though it can be a whole lot trickier taking that long and winding set of steps down, what goes down must come up. Oh dear, this is one I’ve learnt the hard way – funny how it feels like 3 times as many on the way back up. But taking your time and having breaks to enjoy the view (and catch your breath) along the way and all is fine.

The payoff at the end can be a beautiful secluded bay that not too many people can be bothered getting to.

Other pathways and steps are more noticeable than others, take this one for instance at Smiths Beach, in Yallingup, Western Australia. This has got to be one of the best welcoming committees I’ve ever seen.  A Galah guard of honour on the way to the beach.

Not all of the wildlife sharing a pathway will be so friendly though. In Australia it always pays to watch out for others enjoying basking on a sunny path. In this instance it was just a harmless lizard but at other times we have had to wait for the odd venomous snake to get off the path before we could proceed. Always keep a lookout for what’s ahead of you.

Oh and only in Australia might you find yourself sharing the steps to the beach with a roo! C’mon Skip, lead the way.



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