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Visiting Arty Adelaide


Adelaide city isn’t really that big to walk around and discover. The CBD is bordered by North, South, East and West Terraces and the city streets are all laid out in an easy to follow grid. The city centre area is only 10.5 km² and pretty much flat to walk around. Different pockets of the city have reputations for their entertainment, restaurants, younger and older crowds, shopping strips and more. One thing that you’ll find throughout the city streets and laneways though, is sculpture and art.

On a recent visit to the city I found a few more examples to share here, of the bright and wonderful street art and murals. Most of these examples are in a north east pocket of the city and we also stumbled across a small pub tucked away in a narrow city street that not only had great food but also a full colourful mural wall.

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You Know You’re From Adelaide When…

Writers Week has come and gone for another year and like last year, I took advantage of local libraries live streaming the festival and went to my local library to listen in. One of the talks I was interested in seeing was called City Series. This chat involved 8 different Australian novelists and writers who in 2011, were given the task to write about their home cities. The idea was to explain our cities, not in a guidebook way, but rather in a way that evoked intense memories and resonated deeply with others experiences of their own cities, or to give others a deep sense of what it’s like to live in our particular cities.

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Adelaide Street Art

Rainbow Queen Love GoddessMy favourite kind of street art are the murals and pieces you find when you’re not even looking for them! Some of these latest finds for me, have been around for quite a while in Adelaide but I hadn’t made the time to go and find them so it’s a happy accident when I stumbled across them on an unrelated journey making a good day even better.

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Adelaide Fringe Street Art Explosion

street art AdelaideIt’s Adelaide Fringe time again, also known as Mad March for everyone living in Radelaide! This festival has been running for many years but seems to get bigger and reach further each year. In 2019 the fringe is on until 17 March and you’ll find an endless array of entertainment, comedy, drama, music and art scattered around Adelaide and into the suburbs and regional towns.

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