Adelaide Fringe Street Art Explosion

street art AdelaideIt’s Adelaide Fringe time again, also known as Mad March for everyone living in Radelaide! This festival has been running for many years but seems to get bigger and reach further each year. In 2019 the fringe is on until 17 March and you’ll find an endless array of entertainment, comedy, drama, music and art scattered around Adelaide and into the suburbs and regional towns.

There is something for everyone and it is a vibrant and happy time to be seeing what Adelaide has to offer. (Even in 40 degrees) The best part about it is that there are plenty of free ways to be involved and soak up the atmosphere too. One of my favourite activities is to go looking for street art that pops up each year and I’m sure this year won’t disappoint either.

Street Art Explosion is part of The Fringe and each year it commissions Australia’s best artists to create large scale murals across the city and suburbs. Before you venture out you can download a map showing the streets and laneways where art can be found then you are set to go art hunting in the city or even further afield.

You can find stunning street art in all manner of places from city laneways and carparks to whole building walls lining busy city streets, others can be found on bridges and business fronts. Some are massive and span entire walls, their size so big they make your jaw drop.  Others are smaller but just as much fun to find.

The art in these photos are by various artists including Toy Soldiers Crew, Fredrock, Leah Grant, Seb Humphreys and Jayson Fox to name a few. To find out more about where to find these incredible pieces and the artists who have created them take a look at the Adelaide Fringe website:

Go out and enjoy the Fringe and happy hunting!



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