Adelaide Street Art

Rainbow Queen Love GoddessMy favourite kind of street art are the murals and pieces you find when you’re not even looking for them! Some of these latest finds for me, have been around for quite a while in Adelaide but I hadn’t made the time to go and find them so it’s a happy accident when I stumbled across them on an unrelated journey making a good day even better.

This big beautiful Rainbow Queen Love Goddess mural by Mimby Jones Robinson was created for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival as part of the ‘Street Art Explosion’. She graces the wall of a multi storey building in Moger Lane off Pirie Street in the city. The creator of this stunning piece is an Australian artist who specialises in large scale Goddess wall murals and examples of her work can be found in Melbourne as well as Adelaide. I must admit though I found it somewhat sad to see a Goddess behind a chain wire fence but then again she is protected from damage.

Also in Moger Lane you can find these Wings by Australian artist, Tamara Huntington, whose artistic theme is angel wings which incorporate texture, crystals and feathers. In her words she says: ‘My intention is to inspire people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and to appreciate this heavenly place on earth’.street art AdelaideOn the theme of colour and wings and not far from the other murals is Devonshire Place in the East End of Adelaide, where you can find ‘Crystallize / Fracture’ by Australian artist Yvette Vexta. This artist has work throughout Australia and the world with many of her pieces exploring the connection between all living things. Her mural artworks often feature animals and human forms with bright iridescent geometric shapes.street art AdelaideOn Pirie Street I happened to notice this fancy bit of metal sculpture work, the remains of a restaurant sign, which stood out and beckoned passersby to look up with the blue sky and white clouds above as a background.Pirie Street AdelaideA good place to find a big selection of street art in one place is in the Adelaide Central Market and Chinatown district. Inside the market you can find murals by Vans the Omega (Joel Van Moore), his style is unmistakable, with beautiful colour block female faces and forms, and more murals can be found in cafes within the market and in Chinatown.

The nature of street art sees them popping up in all sorts of unexpected places so keep your eyes peeled when heading out of the city too, for instance along Goodwood Road you’ll find a stretch of murals painted on the wall surrounding the Adelaide Showgrounds. One of the works is by Elizabeth Close an aboriginal artist from Adelaide. She has many large scale murals around the city and suburbs which incorporate traditional and contemporary styles. Other murals along the wall are worth a stop to appreciate them fully but being a very busy road that’s one I’ll have to save for another time.



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  1. Adelaide is such an inspiring and colorful city thanks to its beautiful murals! I would love to go on a street art walking tour to explore a different side of the South Australian capital. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day. Aiva

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