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Visiting Arty Adelaide


Adelaide city isn’t really that big to walk around and discover. The CBD is bordered by North, South, East and West Terraces and the city streets are all laid out in an easy to follow grid. The city centre area is only 10.5 km² and pretty much flat to walk around. Different pockets of the city have reputations for their entertainment, restaurants, younger and older crowds, shopping strips and more. One thing that you’ll find throughout the city streets and laneways though, is sculpture and art.

On a recent visit to the city I found a few more examples to share here, of the bright and wonderful street art and murals. Most of these examples are in a north east pocket of the city and we also stumbled across a small pub tucked away in a narrow city street that not only had great food but also a full colourful mural wall.

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Lady Burra Brewhouse Adelaide

Lady Burra BrewhouseA microbrewery in the heart of the city has to be a good thing especially when the brews are complemented with great food with a Portuguese twist. The venue is called Lady Burra Brewhouse and its popularity is still high four years on from when it first opened in Topham Mall Adelaide, the first brewery in the CBD.

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Adelaide Street Art

Street art AdelaideThe nature of street art or urban art is that it always seems to be added to or changed altogether so with every visit into the city centre I try to visit streets and laneways I haven’t looked at before to find something new. On a recent visit to Adelaide I managed to find a few that were new to me but not necessarily new to the city.

I’m finding now that having been a fan of street art for a few years I’m beginning to recognise the style of some of the incredible artists who paint or spray these grand scale paintings. Here are a few of the my latest finds and where you can see them.

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Street Art, Go Out and Find Some

Lately I seem to be noticing street art popping up everywhere in our travels.  These amazing finds are not only in inner cities but in large and small rural towns too.

We were lucky enough to be told of  a particular piece of street art to look for when we were in Toowoomba in 2016 and by getting lost in the back alleys we came across an amazing array of art.

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