Why the coast is calling

Moonta Bay SA

What is it about a beach that draws you to it to chill out and relax or to renew and reinvigorate you? Well if you listen to the scientific folk it’s the negative ions in the atmosphere that are in abundance in natural settings like the beach, which have an anti-depressant effect.  Negative ions actually affect the serotonin levels in the brain and literally give your mood a lift.

No wonder then at every chance to get away we head to the coast and soak it up. We’ve found no matter what beach we go to there is plenty for the whole family to do, including the four legged members of the family.  It’s so satisfying to catch and cook your own seafood for one thing.  When holidaying with friends it’s about sharing the bounty and trying new recipes. Eating fresh, light and healthy another bonus.

Catch it and cook it.

We try our luck in a small tinny, a very peaceful way to spend a few hours and you usually don’t have to venture far from shore to catch enough for a good meal. We aim for whiting, flathead or tommies on the hook. If squid show up we have jags ready to go and crab nets regularly get thrown out and pulled in and checked if the fishing is quiet. Don’t have a boat? It doesn’t matter, there are plenty of jetties around to throw a line in and tie a crab net from and you have just as much chance with half the effort. In South Australia you don’t need a fishing permit but we all need to do the right thing and throw back anything undersize, and keep to bag limits.

Fishing fun for the whole family.
Fishing fun for the whole family.

A beach is always so calming to go for a walk along. Take the dog, they will appreciate the run too.  The feeling of sand underfoot is very grounding and if you’re lucky there may be rock pools to discover or you can beach comb for shells and beach glass.


I love the photo opportunities a beach offers too. The ridges of sand, the reflections in the water, birdlife and of course sunsets.  The changing weather is brilliant to see, from clear blue, scorching days to red sunsets and summer storms. So much to try your hand at.  My challenge this year is to find new angles, to see things from a different perspective.

Photographing the photographer.
Photographing the photographer.
Summer storm
Summer storm

In South Australia there are quite a few beaches you can drive on and feel as if you’ve discovered them for the very first time. Arcs of bright white sand, aquamarine sea lapping at the shore and dolphins and other sea life swimming by.  Perfect places to plan a day trip, set up much needed shade and have an all in beach cricket game.


I can feel the stress falling off like a tired old winter coat already.