The long and straight path to WA

img_9145A much anticipated part of the journey for me has been crossing the Nullarbor.  It was with a little trepidation that we set off on this next step, it seems like such a leap into the unknown.  I thought it would be quiet barren and possibly a boring stretch of road.  How wrong I was.  There is so much of interest on the way and plenty of places to stop and rest to have a break when needed.  Take every opportunity to go to the lookouts along the Bunda Cliffs.  You won’t be disappointed.


The people we’ve met along the way are many and varied so far.  From the Chilean at the Nullarbor Roadhouse making his way west, to the Korean cyclist who took our photo at one of the cliff lookouts.  Everyone so far has been really happy to have a chat as we all exchange the usual “where are you from?’ “which way are you headed?” etc…


The cliffs are breathtaking and even though it wasn’t a perfect blue sky day it didn’t detract from the awesome vista spread before us.


Everyone who stops to look just seem to shake their heads and be wowed in silence standing there at the edge of Australia in awe of the sheer drop.

But drive on we must, to get somewhere to stay for the night.  We have been looking forward to free camping somewhere along the Nullarbor.

I’ve always been happy to donate to a cause I think all Aussies should support and that is the Royal Flying Doctor Service,  I find it incredible that no matter where we go in this vast country, that service is there if, god forbid, emergencies strike.  Along the Nullarbor as in other stretches of our major highways in Australia, you will occasionally find landing strips for the RFDS planes.


This is another awesome experience to think that you are driving along what could be at times, a landing strip for these angels. There are places when you’re travelling to give to the RFDS so do!  You never know when you may need them.


We found an incredibly picturesque spot to pull over and stay for the night with a view over the crashing waves in the Great Australian Bight far below, and the sunset was spectacular.



No need to tell us twice to heed the obvious!

We continued on and found yet another long and straight road heading west.  We did run out of radio reception so there was an eclectic music mix for a few hours.  We got through it thanks to Barnsey and Cold Chisel, INXS, Midnight Oil, Hilltop Hoods and more.  Thank you Aussie bands for knowing what you need to drive this country.


And finally the border was in sight.  Unfortunately we had to offload some fruit and vegies and worst of all honey, but it’s a small price to pay.


In WA we had another free camp spot for the night, this time at Fraser Range.  A very different outlook to last night’s stop but just as stunning.  This area had a real touch of outback colour with the red dirt and orange glow to the sunset.


A stand out plus for free camping we’ve noticed is how very dark and very quiet they are.  We’ve probably picked a good time of year to travel  Even though these stops have been close to the highway they are far enough away from the road to get a good nights sleep.

More from on the road soon!