Westward Ho!

img_8996The odyssey west has begun.  We have turned left and travelled many kilometres already.  It’s been nothing short of an interesting trek so far with wide loads taking over the entire road, so forget about overtaking or moving too fast for that matter.

wide load

Then we made it to “half way across Australia” or so the Big Galah at Kimba says.

Ya big galah

The weather was getting hotter and more humid the further west we went and roadside stops were often because we were drinking so much water to keep the fluids up.  Some were better than others.

As it says

Then we drove into Armageddon.  The mother of all storm clouds was hovering around us but we couldn’t outrun it and copped an absolute belting of rain in one short, sharp, fell swoop.  We could barely see the road ahead in the rain and were slowed down to 50kph.


But we finally made it into Ceduna and have been having fun touring around, I even found more street art (see the latest January/February edition of “On The Road Magazine” for a story on that!).


Whilst touring around we found a gem of a place to have a quick stop and a tasty bite to eat.  The Oyster Bar complete with giant oyster and roof top dining area was fabulous.



The oysters kilpatrick were very tasty washed down with a couple of cold coronas and with a view over the water.


From here we will be heading across the Nullabor, stay tuned!