Every Day Another Bay

img_0091Bremer Bay was our next stop on the great WA tour. A must do is the Point Henry Drive Trail which gives you a scenic look around and yes, more stunning beaches and coastline. Every time we venture down a road heading towards another beach we wait with anticipation at what are we going to see, and so far we’ve not been disappointed.  Every beach has something unique about it but they all are still rimmed with snow white sand which gives the water the incredible aquamarine colour and clarity.

The sand is so amazing, when it dries on your wet feet it’s like icing sugar coated toes! Our favourite beach was Little Boat Harbour, very secluded with a small bay, and also Native Dog Beach for great surf apparently, it did look impressive.

Native Dog Beach

We went to the lookout at the town’s wind turbine and it’s the first time we have actually been right up to the base of one and looked up, wow.


Our next stop was Albany. We aren’t moving very far, but there is so much to see and we are trying not to miss too much of the amazing coast, and what the towns have to offer.

The first thing that hits you about Albany is how hilly it is and the massive rocks in the hills.  We’ve actually seen houses built on stilts over huge rock outcrops.  Lots of two storey places on the hillsides to take in the spectacular views over the bays.  Massive tanker ships off the bays too and a very busy port area. It looks busy every day with tankers coming and going or anchored at sea. Something we haven’t seen before especially as the town is so clean and pretty with a lot of historical buildings still intact too.

Albany WA

Believe it or not there is a lot of street art here too. What’s great about it also is that there are plaques with each of the paintings explaining who the artist is and what their painting represents.


There is a lot to do in Albany but one of our favourite things has been the visit to Torndirrup National Park and The Gap and Natural Bridge.  Just amazing, what a feat of engineering the gap platform is, just a tiny bit nerve racking to put your faith in the construction but worth it for the view down……a long way down.



(The Gap and Natural Bridge, Albany WA)


And finally, another drive, another national park, (which by the way we bought an annual parks pass to cover all of WA and I think we nearly have our money’s worth already) this time to see Little Beach. No words can do it justice, just enjoy the photos…ahhh.




Bye for now