Want to share your day at the beach with roos?

Believe it or not there are a few places in Australia where this is possible. One of these places is Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park. If this Western Australian destination isn’t on your list of must see places add it right now!

In the current edition of On the Road magazine (January / February 2018) I have a story on this beautiful park in the south east of Western Australia and this is one spot that practically writes its own story. With so much to see and do it encapsulates everything about Australia that we are so proud to have as our backyard and show the world. It hardly gets more Aussie than this!

You can drive to Cape Le Grand National Park which is around 50 kilometres south east of Esperance the conventional way on the bitumen Cape Le Grand road or you can take the beach drive from Wylie Bay to the cape along 22 kilometres of sweeping sandy beach. As with anytime you want to go beach driving you should check the tide movement and ask the locals about current conditions before setting off.

With a caravan in tow we took the easy way but once we were set up in the campground it was off to explore the beaches on foot and in the Landcruiser. I had seen so many photos of this park that I had to see it for myself to believe it, there was never a chance we wouldn’t be spending time here.

This park has something for everyone, bays and beaches suitable for swimming and any sort of water sport you can think of, a coastal walking trail and a hike / climb up to Frenchman Peak, a 3 kilometre or hour and a half steep climb for the fit.

Lucky Bay is the jewel in the crown of this park with its ridiculously white sand that literally squeaks when you walk on it and friendly kangaroos that inhabit the beach and the campground. Almost overly friendly in fact, they are so used to cohabitating with humans that you need to make sure your caravan door is closed or they will be in there too!

Roos aren’t the only wildlife you can encounter here though. We were lucky enough to also see a huge monitor lizard sunning himself by the public BBQ area at Hellfire Bay and a wild brumby also enjoying the view at Cape Le Grand beach.

Words almost fail to give a strong enough description of the water colours but with photos I’ve tried to do it justice and capture the feeling of the views that unfold before you. Aside from Lucky Bay there is Hellfire Bay and Thistle Cove within the National Park. Every one of them worth spending time at, all with something unique to offer.

This is one destination that leaves such a deep imprint in your heart that it will definitely be a place you will want to return to. I will see you there!