Winter in the Adelaide Hills

The changing seasons are always very noticeable in the Adelaide Hills. Where I live is only around 40 kilometres from Adelaide but has a very rural feel and lifestyle about it. After the blaze of autumn colour we gradually slip into winter and a grey coat of fog and drizzle descends.

That’s not to say this isn’t a scenic time to come and visit with the winding roads, especially the dirt roads, having an added ethereal touch about them.

The grapevines of the wineries may be bare but the cellar doors are toasty warm with wood fires burning in just about all of them. Indoors or outdoors they are still a picture to see, and the reds in particular are at their best for tasting now.

The mornings can certainly have a chill about them, so much so that a few frosty mornings have turned the landscape white and the soggy birdlife have had to wait for their water to thaw. At least the colour of the Australian birds puts a bit of life into what can be an otherwise dull day.

The crisp cold days have meant some very cold but clear nights too but that gives a perfect chance to practice night photography and in particular the abundant starry sky. In July we were also lucky to see the blood moon lunar eclipse and the clear sky meant uninterrupted viewing.

Mother Nature always has a surprise or two up her sleeve at this time of year as well with surprising cloud colour to start and end some of the days. Of course with the rain comes rainbows which are always a welcome sight.

Luckily in the hills we have not been experiencing drought like so much of the country has been, so the farms are blessed with green grass, young lambs and calves and more kangaroos than I’ve ever seen in all the 30 + years I’ve lived here.

So whether it’s for a day trip or a longer stay, the Adelaide Hills has plenty to see in winter and now that it’s the last month of winter you better be quick to experience it. Take a road and see where it leads you…oh and bring your camera and someone else to do the driving! And if you’re looking to stay longer, there are caravan parks at Mt Barker and Hahndorf that will put you in the heart of the hills and both are good bases to explore the region.

Here’s to reds and roaring fires, for a little bit longer.



7 thoughts on “Winter in the Adelaide Hills

    1. Thank you yes down here we are willing Spring to start soon in southern Australia but unfortunately a lot of Australia is in drought and farmers are doing it tough. Winter hasn’t brought much or any rain in a lot of parts.
      Our version of a white Christmas is a dazzling white sandy beach. 😉


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