Firstly, have a Wonderful Christmas…Then Let the Holidays Begin!

It’s Christmas Eve and if you are like our family, Christmas is already in full swing with extended family members to visit, food to eat, drinks to celebrate with and a year of ups and downs to look back on. The presents are all bought and wrapped, food waiting to go when it’s needed and chores done to prepare for the holiday season.

Part of our pre-holiday routine is to go and get our own fishing bait in the form of cockles from Goolwa Beach, a little under 90 kilometres from Adelaide, on the Fleurieu Peninsula. So on a picture perfect day with not another car in sight we drove onto the wide, golden sand road. Not a bad way to spend a birthday either. 😉

It is such a picturesque beach, easy to drive on and there’s no need even to deflate the tyres to get to where we stop for cockles. After a peaceful couple of hours, watching sets of waves crash in whilst digging our toes in the sand for cockles, we’ve got our bounty and can return home to bag and freeze them ready for upcoming fishing expeditions in the tinnie. The whiting and garfish are going to love them.

More silly Santas are passed on the Santa trail, politically incorrect day care Santa, one delivering something for the pups and Santa taking a tub!

All that’s left to do is finish packing the caravan, enjoy the next couple of fun, feasting, festive days and then hit the road.

Neo is ready!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and thanks for reading. The posts will keep coming during the holidays!

Glenys x



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